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Question Everything

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Have you ever:
1. Skipped class? Yes
2. Done drugs? Not even once.
3. Self harmed? Yes
4. Drank? Not even once
5. Shoplifted? I think so. i took a cup or something from a restaurant.
6. Gotten a tattoo? No.
7. Broken up with someone? Yes.
What's your favorite:
8. Show? .. Lately, The Office
9. Movie? Kiki's delivery service
10. Song? Lately, Electric Feel MGMT, all time, In the end, linkin park
11. Tumblr? ... I don't have a favorite.
12. Singer/Band? hmm Drake.
13. Memory? Don't have one.
14. Book? Alice in wonderland.
This or that:
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? Invisible
16. Cookies or Cake? Cake, Chocolate, chocolate frosting.
17. Twitter or Facebook? um.. they both suck. @ethanislove see ya there lol
18. Movies or Books? Movies.
19. Coke or Sprite? Coke
20. Blind or Deaf? D.. De... fuck Idk. prolly deaf.. sigh
21. Tea or Coffee? Tea
What's your:
22. Age? 22 sigh
23. Sign? Gemini
24. Height? 5'6
25. Sexual orientation? Straight.
26. Shoe size? i think 10.5 i have like 5 different brands and they are all different sizes.
27. Religion? Agnostic.
28. Longest relationship? we'll say 2 years.
Opinion on:
29. Gay rights? less population boom. good.
30. Second chances? not worth it but I always give em.
31. Long distance relationships? Tried it. I'd possibly try again.
but things need to feel better than what I went through last time :
32. Abortion? Pro choice. we could debate if you don't like it.
33. The death penalty? Sigh. you see i don't trust the people IN CHARGE of the penalty. innocent people prolly dying everyday.
I'd rather let someone rot forever. Means more.
34. Marijuana ? I don't like the smell. I've never done it.
If you are doing it just leave me out of it so I don't feel bothered.
Personal space is a factor for me.
And if you are going to be all in my way and lazy then I'll have a seperate issue altogether.
but I wont judge you for being that way. Enjoy your life.
cause I def. am not enjoying mine.
35. Love? I believe in it.
I wish I had someone all the time to just spend all the time in the world with.
Someone to be proud of and someone to hold.
Believe me it'd be amazing. but it's hard holding up the feeling it might not exist anymore when everyone around me is a just looking to get it in and cannot commit.
priorities are such a thing of the past.
Do you:
36. Believe in ghost? Sort Of.
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Facing
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? Closed usually.
39. Love someone? .. secretly yes. but I dont even know them.
40. Still watch cartoons? Yes.
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope
42. Like yourself? On a good day. but right now. Nope/
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Deer at night, Maine, from the series The Physical World by Jocelyn Lee,  2002
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Anonymous: "Hi! This is the happiness fairy flying in! I'm going to sprinkle you with some pretty expensive magical fairy hapoy dust, so make sure to spread the happy dust to 5 followers that make you happy, or anyone that needs to be happy! Have a lovely day!"

This was very sweet..

thanks whoever did this.

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