Even The Gold Rusts Here
I'm Ethan, I'm a Cat. I make rap music which plays here on this page. I'm sad all the time, and love to live off the prospects of my imagination.
Question Everything

Anonymous: "Name the parts of your body you shave/trim"

I shave my face, and do extra work on my sideburns because they are lovely all the time.

I trim my pubic hair, I don’t shave it because it’s irritating and I don’t have the patience too deal with it.

I don’t know, I let everything else be the way it is.
no reason to fix what’s not broken. even if I feel broken all day lol

I cannot decide which yet.

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I feel suicidal today, but in the end… this guilt trip “promising ploy” thing Makes people feel pressured to appease society.Don’t stay alive for others, stay alive for you… sighI wish people were not very sad.I am in a weird mood.I feel like I don’t exist today.everyone that is “around” for me.isn’t.and It happens the same stupid ways every time.and I hate how it’s so fairweather.only when it’s a sunny time.I get used by everyone and then when i just want conversation where is everyone then?fuck you guys, sometimes.I sometimes see this shit and feel the need to quit thinking like I do.but sigh.idkI’m just in a spot right now, that i felt the need to complain at myself and read my feelings some.Please just ignore this rant.<3 Ethan, sometimes.
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