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Question Everything


I’ll answer everything honestly okay GO!

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I’m not usually to bad at living with changes around me.. But the things changing have been like comforting in ways.

I literally need out of here before I snap.

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Nostalgia of a lesser time.

I have to go to work now.  :c and It’s just such a bad time.
I feel caught up. and I find there are more important things for me to worry about than if a store got their correct dog food or not.

I really hope what I said has at least a little impact cause it wasn’t easy for me :c 

meow meow meow.

I am going to go get something to eat cause My feelings demand it.
and I will return about 5 am. unless I hit the gym feeling guilty and ashamed again for being a lazy fat whiney bitch.


my only real feelings anymore.

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I like how the window is a Maze.
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